Erika's story

Erika’s story

We were in a bad place with our son AJ’s skin when we saw a newspaper article that mentioned the National Eczema Association. We didn’t even know such an organization existed. For years we had been fighting AJ’s skin with nobody to help us emotionally or even medically. We had never even met another child with eczema. So we thought, what a great opportunity to get all of that in one weekend!

My husband, my mom, AJ, his little brother Jordyn and I packed our bags and headed to Atlanta for our first NEA Patient Conference! We were so excited because we wanted to understand and hear about eczema from the people who would know it best: the National Eczema Association. And that we did. It was the best overwhelming feeling we’ve ever felt! Steroids, calcineurin topical inhibitors, bleach baths, oh my!

Reprinted with permission from the National Eczema Association. To read the full personal account visit:


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