Melissa's story

Melissa Thomson

Our son was diagnosed with severe/chronic eczema several years ago. We were at the point of full body wet wrapping daily and several hospital admissions. The next step was immunosuppressant medication which we were not willing to do. We signed up with Dr Aron and began the Aron Regimen two years ago. Our son now lives a brilliant life, no bandages, not hospitals, no itch.

I made the decision to fly from Sydney to Chicago last month to attend the National Eczema Association's Expo 2018, an event that Dr Aron was guest speaker. On my return my sister had written this beautiful poem for me.

Sometimes in life a dream comes true, Sometimes you just have to go, You'd travel a world away for a day, To say thank you to your hero.

For that one chance in a life time, For that memory that'll never fade, To be able to talk to the amazing man, Who your son's life is forever better made. 

To meet up with people who understand your journey, To share your grievances and tales, Sharing what it's like to find an answer, Money spent and medication failures. 

Seeing the sights; what a positive! Building relationships; a forever bond, What a truly fantastic ten days it's been, But nothing will ever outdo meeting and finally thanking the amazing Dr Aron.


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